Crafting Made Easy: 20 Quick and Handy Shortcuts in Minecraft

9th Aug 2021

Creative Mode

Minecraft is a game that thrives on creativity and resourcefulness. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your block-building adventure, mastering crafting is essential for success. While the game offers a wide array of recipes and materials, there are several handy shortcuts that can streamline the crafting process and save you valuable time. In this article, we'll explore 20 quick and handy shortcuts in Minecraft that will make crafting easier and more efficient.

  1. Shift-Click Crafting:

    Hold the Shift key while clicking on a recipe in the crafting table to automatically transfer the crafted item to your inventory. This saves time by eliminating the need to drag and drop each item.

  2. Quick Crafting:

    In your inventory, you can hover over a recipe and press the number key corresponding to the crafting table's result slot to quickly craft the item. This is especially useful for repetitive crafting tasks.

  3. Right-Click Crafting:

    Instead of dragging items one by one into the crafting table, you can right-click on a stack of items to quickly distribute them across the crafting grid.

  4. Middle-Click Fill:

    When crafting with a specific material, you can middle-click (clicking the scroll wheel) on an item in your inventory to automatically fill the crafting grid with that material.

  5. Auto-Refill Hotbar:

    If you have a stack of items in your inventory and the corresponding slot in your hotbar runs out, pressing the number key of the empty slot will automatically refill it with the stack from your inventory.

  6. Pick Block:

    Pressing the middle mouse button on a block in creative mode will add that block to your hotbar, making it easier to build and replicate structures.

  7. Furnace Duplication:

    When smelting multiple items in a furnace, holding Shift while dragging the smelted item out of the output slot will automatically place it in your inventory, leaving the remaining items in the furnace.

  8. Dragging Across Inventory:

    Hold the left mouse button while dragging items across your inventory to quickly move or distribute them.

  9. Crafting Grid Size:

    Pressing the 2x2 or 3x3 button in the crafting table interface will change the grid size, allowing you to craft smaller recipes without wasting space.

  10. Dropping Items:

    To quickly drop items from your inventory, press Q. Combine it with Shift for dropping a whole stack.

  11. Stack Splitting:

    To split a stack of items in half, hold Shift and left-click on the stack, or hold Shift and drag the stack out of the inventory.

  12. Tool Repair:

    When repairing tools or weapons in the crafting table, you can use a matching material of the same type to avoid changing the item's durability.

  13. Crafting Book:

    Utilize the Crafting Book feature by clicking on the book icon in the crafting table interface. It provides a comprehensive list of all available crafting recipes in the game.

  14. Shulker Box Storage:

    Place a shulker box inside your inventory and right-click it to access its contents without having to place it on the ground.

  15. Ender Chest Access:

    Carry an ender chest in your inventory to have quick access to your personal storage from anywhere in the world. Place it down and interact with it to access your items.

  16. Enchanting Table Shortcuts:

    Use the number keys (1-9) to quickly select enchantments from the enchanting table user interface instead of clicking on them with the mouse.

  17. Looting in Creative Mode:

    In creative mode, hold the Ctrl key while attacking a mob to instantly kill it and receive the maximum possible loot.

  18. Hopper Sorting:

    When placing items into a chest connected to a hopper, hold Shift to ensure the items are placed directly into the designated slots, bypassing the hopper.

  19. Crafting Indicator:

    In the inventory screen, the green book icon on a recipe indicates that you have all the necessary materials to craft the item.

  20. Multi-Block Crafting:

    Certain recipes require arranging blocks or items in a specific pattern on the ground. Utilize the shift key while placing items to ensure they maintain the correct alignment.

By incorporating these quick and handy shortcuts into your Minecraft gameplay, you can significantly enhance your crafting efficiency and save valuable time. Whether you're a builder, explorer, or redstone engineer, mastering these shortcuts will streamline your gameplay experience and allow you to focus more on unleashing your creativity and enjoying all that Minecraft has to offer. So, give these shortcuts a try and watch as your crafting skills reach new heights in the vast and imaginative world of Minecraft.

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